Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You Know There's Something Wrong When...

your two year old daughter is sitting in her car seat and makes the comment "Daddy, pull my finger!" jeff is such a horrible influence on the kids LOL! sure enough, a minute after maddy makes this comment, we get a whiff of a stinky smell! LOL!

i finally went out and bought maddy some dora underwear, so she can be a big girl and go pee on the potty. she just LOVES those things!! every time she sees them she yells "MY PANTS!" she puts them on over her clothes/diaper. i just had to take some pictures of it.

a couple of days ago, i took sammy, cora, and maddy out back down the hill where the wild flowers grow. i wanted to get some really nice pictures of the kids picking flowers. they really had a great time. cora has been begging us for days to go picking some flowers, and i finally did it. it was fun, but even with OFF bug spray, we all got some bug bites (me with the worst of it).

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Hair Puller

addisyn has started pulling her own hair, and it's driving me crazy!! at first she only did it during feedings, where she would actually pull so hard that her head gets pulled off at an angle! and she starts screaming and crying! man, it's almost impossible to pry her fingers off her hair! now, she pulls her hair any time, not just while she eats. the poor thing, it's aweful to see the look of pain on her face when she does it, like she's saying "why are you hurting me?" the crazy butt!

maddy's birthday party went well yesterday. we had about 13 adults and about 10 kids. i cooked WAY too much food and had at least 4 or 5 days worth of leftovers! i've been pigging out on all the food and chips, and making myself sick hahha. sam, cora, and maddy had such an awesome time. they had so much fun, and maddy loved all of her presents. i didn't take too many pictures (just b/c i felt so frazzled with so many ppl LOL), but i have a few good ones. i'll have to post them next time. i did make her thank you cards today, and i think they look cute!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


i got a great series of shots of addisyn rolling onto her back. she and sammy were on the floor playing with each other. it still amazes me how focused addi can be. she will look at someone for forever, following them and with this look of intense concentration! LOL. it makes me laugh to see something so tiny, with this look of a wise old lady :)

here are some shots of addisyn rolling onto her back:

she is constantly rolling onto her back, and gets so angry after a few minutes on her back. she starts screaming and kicking!

as i said earlier, sammy and maddy were on the floor playing with each other and i got some really cute pictures of them together. it's really hard to get some good pictures of sammy with addi, since he's so active and moves around so much, i can't get him to sit still enough to get pictures of him and addi.

another thing that has been happening this week is maddy wanting to pee in the toilet. she's actually pee'ed 3 times in the toilet! she went around with no diaper on for several hours yesterday. she kept running back and forth into the bathroom saying she wanted to pee...on and off the toilet. she was driving me crazy!! i'm not sure if i'm ready to potty train her yet...i mean, i can't keep running to the bathroom with her so many times a day, while also feeding, holding, etc with addi. but then again, i would just LOVE to have her out of diapers too. it's so funny b/c sam and cora didn't want to potty train until they were 3 yrs old, and maddy isn't even 2 yet. i would like to let her run around the house with no diaper on, but i just don't want to have her pee on the floor or the carpet, b/c i might never find it to clean it up LOL. we'll just have to wait and see.

i can't wait for preschool to start up again in sept...then i think i can concentrate more on potty training.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Odds and Ends

sam, cora, and maddy were just playing in the toy room and i just HAD to jump on and document what they were saying LOL LOL! sam and cora were playing with the toy mommy and baby figurines, and this is what i heard...

sammy: "i need to go poopoo, mommy"
cora: "okay, go poopoo."
sammy: "thank you. can i take a bath?"
cora: "no, honey, you can't take a bath."
sammy: "please, mommy."
cora: "no, honey."

i just had to laugh about the funny/crazy things they say when they play. well, it's been a long time since i last posted, again. maddy's bite healed very nicely and quickly....but she now had ANOTHER bite from an outdoor birthday party we went to last saturday. this bite is on the back of her thigh. it's big and red, but not as bad as her ankle was. i think we caught it in time. i'm keeping it clean, and putting neosporin on it and covering it with a bandaid. i hope it goes away soon. i know from now on i'm going to put bug spray on here when she's going to be out for long periods of time.

addisyn had her 2 month appointment last tuesday. she's grown so much! she now weighs 11 lbs 8oz, and is 24 inches long. so that puts her in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. she is sooo long. i'm just not used to having a big baby! it's pretty nice to not have to worry about how much she is growing, especially since she's not bottle fed (like my other ones mainly were) where i knew exactly how much they were eating. we have the most wonderful ped. nurse practitioner! i just LOVE her to death, and wouldn't think of ever going to another doctor, except in for an unplanned sick visit or unless she is unavailable when we have to go. we are so fortunate that my sister recommended her to us when we were looking for pedatricians before the twins were born.

things have been going pretty well here! addisyn continues to be a very good sleeper! i have been SO VERY blessed with such great sleepers in all my children. i so thought our luck had run out with sleeping, but addi has followed in her older siblings' footsteps :) now if only i would go to bed at an early hour, then i would also be getting a lot of sleep too. but i just can't seem to go to bed early, i feel like after the kids go to bed, it's ME time and i do things that i would like to do, such as watch a little tv, or be on my laptop to arrange all my digital scrapbook stuff. so i always end up going to be at or after midnight. oh well, one of these days i'll get a full 8 hours of sleep :)

i hear my little peanut/ladybug crying. she just woke up from her nap :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Poor Maddy

maddy has had a pretty bad week :( first she was playing on the stairs, sliding down them on her belly and she bonks the side of her eye on the edge and a HUGE bubble of blood under the skin rises on the side of her eye...and so she had a big bruise on the side of her eye, over her eye lid and under her eye. poor thing had huge black eye! then this past sunday, sometime during church she got some sort of bite on the back of her ankle and it later swelled up and became hot and red! i was so uncertain on if i should have taken her to the ER or just to wait for the morning to take her to the doctor's office. her ankle was so crazy big, i just wasn't sure on what to do. but, i ended up marking a circle around the redness and keeping an eye throughout the night to make sure it didn't get bigger, and then made a sick visit appt. on monday morning. the doctor said that the swelling was quite impressive! and that it didn't look good...he was happy that i came in the office to have a doctor take a look at it. so she is now on antibiotics and benedryl and neosporin, and i had to make an appt. for her to be seen again in 24 hours. so i have to drive all the way back there today after lunch...but i don't mind (too much LOL). but i'm happy to see that after the first day of antibiotic doses, her ankle is looking much better!

i was going through some old photos a few days ago, and just thought it would be fun to compare some pictures of cora, maddy, and addisyn...can you guess who is who??

Thursday, July 16, 2009

1st Laptop!

WOW!!! i finally have my very first laptop!! i know it's not such a big deal...i mean, millions of people have laptops, BUT i never had one before :) i've been bugging jeff about getting me one for months now, ever since i became pregnant, b/c i just hated to walk all the way down to the basement to the office (i know, i'm lazy hehe). now i just need to get some pictures on here so i can start posting more pictures....geez LOL i hear that oh so lovely call..."waaaaa!!! waaaaa!!" i guess i better go and pick addisyn up, huh? ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Prodical Mommy Returns (i hope!)

i just can't believe it's been 10 months, almost to the day, since i've last posted! well, i guess i can believe it! so much has happened and changed since the last time i've dropped by. back in september, i unexpectedly discovered i was pregnant with our 4th baby. i NEVER in a million years thought i would be the one who would have a surprise pregnancy, due to all the problems we've had in the past...each pregnancy was meticulously planned. i was pretty worried when i found out, since i had just decided that we were only going to have 3 children, but i was excited at the same time! what a strange feeling to be scared and excited at the same time.

so, from the beginning of the pregnancy, i have had absolutely NO desire to go into the office and jump on the computer to blog, email, or even digital scrapbook (which i've been in love with doing). that explains my long absence.

since this pregnancy was a total surprise, i decided that we might as well make everything a surprise and not find out the sex of the baby. and because we have 2 girls and a boy already, it wasn't hard for me this time around to not find out. with both the previous times, i was dying with the desire to find out what the sexes were, till i just gave in and found out!! and of course jeff and i had to give the baby a nickname that followed suit with the other kids' nicknames...jeff picked "oscar the grouch" go figure! hence the new blog title "Grovers, Cookie, & Oscar..." through out the WHOLE pregnancy, i knew without a doubt that this was going to be a boy! the baby was so crazy active, that it couldn't be anything BUT a boy. well....needless to say, Addisyn was born on june 10th, weighing a whooping 8# 8oz! the biggest baby yet for us, but then again, i've never been 39 weeks pregnant before either!

it's been "okay" since she's been born...there have been good days and not so good days. she's a GREAT sleeper (like the rest of the kids have been) she can go 5 to 6 hrs at a time...but only during the day! LOL, she's not so great during the night! just the past couple of days she's been pretty good where she'll go to sleep around 9pm or 10 and not wake up until 3:30am or 4:30am. the thing i'm not used to is that with maddy, our 3rd child, she would just eat then i could put her down and she would go right to sleep, addisyn on the other hand will NOT fall asleep unless she is being held in the baby bjorn! it gets a little tiring to do in the middle of the night, but all in all, it's not really that bad! and since i know this is our last baby, i'm taking these things more in stride because of that fact. i'm trying to cherish each phase of her life, and to live in each moment...unlike with sam and cora, where i just couldn't wait for them to get to 4 or 5 months old, since i was so stressed over newborn/infant twins. then with maddy, her whole infancy was gone in a flash without me even realizing it! don't get me wrong, i still can't wait until addisyn is a few months old, so it will seem a little easier, but at least i'm relishing each moment :) (sometimes not so happily LOL)!

all the kids absolutely love her!! i was so worried that maddy would resent the new baby when she came or feel jealous...but she has shown no signs of that, thankfully. maddy loves to give "baby Daddisyn" (as maddy pronounces it) lots and lots of kisses, of course it's always when i'm feeding her! i guess it really helps that maddy has always grown up with 2 other siblings, so there have always been plenty of kids in the house, so what's one more added to the mix? i just love it when maddy says "baby daddisyn...CUUUTE" while she pats either addisyn's head or belly! it's just too cute to see her say and do that.

whew, that wasn't so bad, having been gone for 10 months, i was dreading coming back and having to post! but i guess i'm a chatterbox, and tend to go on and on. i'll leave now, with a few more pictures...

in this last picture, the nurses at the hospital just loved playing with her thick, dark hair! they found a piece of ribbon and tied it to her hair LOL!